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Why is influencer marketing successful?

Why is influencer marketing successful?


Today, people are more sceptical than ever of B2C advertising. Consumers use adblockers to ignore promotional pop ups, skip past video introductions, and hide sponsored posts. Essentially, while the internet has provided us with seemingly endless amounts of data on consumer behaviour, it is extremely difficult to attract and hold the attention of these consumers – and more importantly, to gain their trust.

Drawbacks of traditional advertising


In this digital age, numerous websites exist to review and discuss products. Consumers no longer see the need for seemingly biased advertisements; they would prefer to make the choice on their own. Raising brand awareness is consequently difficult, as many of the discussions are happening outside of the brand’s control. A traditional advertising campaign might contribute to the basic public perception of the brand, but the evolution of this awareness occurs organically across social media, where people interact with their friends.

Benefits of influencer marketing


Influencers are players within the social media space. They have developed cult-like followings on a personal medium, where anyone can message them or see their posts. Influencers are, more or less, friends to hundreds of thousands of individuals. When their followers see a post, it is viewed as an authentic communication of the influencer’s everyday lifestyle. Influencer marketing capitalises upon the relatable reputation that influencers have developed.

In other words: When a celebrity endorses a product, it is viewed as a fake and manipulative tactic, intended to generate a paycheque. When an influencer endorses a product, it is viewed as a genuine recommendation from a friend.

For this reason, it is crucial to execute influencer marketing campaigns in effective, subtle ways. An influencer agency can help to orchestrate a cohesive strategy that matchmakes influencers to brands that suit their reputation. When an influencer’s image is their brand, it is vital to promote products and content that complement that brand. Otherwise, the authentic quality of the influencer is lost.

If a brand wishes to partner with an influencer, it can lead to a fruitful partnership with an expert in the brand’s target audience. An agency can help to facilitate this partnership, to the benefit of every party involved. 

As you can see, an influence marketing campaign on Instagram cannot be improvised! It’s all about method. So, to maximize the impact of your next campaign with leading influencers, Contact us