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What exactly is influencer marketing?

What exactly is influencer marketing?


The rise of social media has brought about new ways to market and advertise. One of the methods that have really taken off is influencer marketing, but what exactly is it? The term is bandied about often, but are you clued up on what it is, and how it can potentially benefit your business? 

A simple introduction


Influencer marketing is, as the name suggests, the process of a company working with people of influence – celebrities, business leaders, industry experts – to market products or services. The key to robust influencer marketing is utilising authoritative people that have the capacity to speak directly to your target audience and encourage them to make a purchase.

How influencers can help you reach your audience 


Traditional forms of marketing are, more often than not, incredibly inefficient. Banner ads are becoming less popular than ever before – research has found that almost one in three people say that banner ads are actively distracting – while around 50 per cent of all banner ad clicks are accidental. 

With an influencer, however, you are able to engage your audience directly. You will be able to target people that are already interested in what your business does, and they are very often willing to take the advice of the influencer on board and treat it will the utmost respect. 

If you want to get your message not only seen by people, but you want them to take notice and actually take the time to assess what you are saying, it makes sense to work with an influencer.

What does influencer marketing content consist of? 


This very much depends on what your business does, who the influencer is, and what you want to achieve. Influencers can create articles, blog posts, podcasts, social media posts or videos around your products or your business, all of which makes the affiliation seem organic. They can also share your posts or content on their own social media channels, or they can post clips of them utilising the product or service you provide, and then give a review. The amount of work that your chosen influencer(s) do on your behalf will be dependant on how much you are willing to pay them, how much they value what you are offering, how many followers they have, and how long the campaign is.

As you can see, an influence marketing campaign on Instagram cannot be improvised! It’s all about method. So, to maximize the impact of your next campaign with leading influencers, Contact us