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Top 10 Spanish Influencers

The best Spanish influencers share common qualities: they create a good closeness to their community and enjoy a good reputation. This allows them to establish the brand image of the companies they represent and to offer good quality products. Here is the list of the 10 most fashionable Spanish influencers at the moment!

Beatriz Sáez

Beatriz Saez is a popular public figure. She was revealed to the world thanks to the show « Gran Hermano 17 » (the Spanish version of Big Brother) which she won. Today, she is an accomplished public figure in Spain, and a singer. She has been collaborating for a long time with web television MTMAD and has 384,000 followers to her credit on Instagram.

Instagram account: @bearsaez

Noemi Salazar

Noemie Salazar has come a long way since her appearance on « Los Gipsy Kings ». 5 years later, she is at the head of her own cosmetics brand ‘Noemi Salaza Cosmetics’, and has more than 700,000 followers on Instagram.

Instagram account: @ noemi_salazar13

Raquel salazar

Mum of Noemi Salazar and « Los Gipsy Kings » contestant, Raquel Salazar has more than one trick up his sleeve. She is also an influencer and costume designer. In fact, his 336,000 followers never tire of admiring his creations.

Instagram account: @ raquel_salazar13

Kim angel

Kim Angel is an IFBB PRO bodybuilder and athlete who has competed in and won many international bodybuilding competitions. So it’s no surprise that he represents major fitness brands to his community of 187,000 followers.

Instagram Account: @kim_angel

La Paulette

Maria Paulette is an IFBB PRO athlete, influencer and girlfriend of Kim Angel. Together, they form a shocking duo and promote a healthy and sporty lifestyle. She is available on Instagram via her @lapaulattefitness account, and is delighted by her 251,000 followers.

Araceli vera

Araceli is a well-established fashion and lifestyle influencer in Spain. In fact, her extensive content does not tire her 192,000 followers, and she has an online store where she sells various beauty products, clothing and fashion accessories.

Instagram Account: @guapayconestilo

Sofia Suescun

With 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Sofia is one of the most followed influencers in Spain. She was revealed with her victory in the « Gran Hermano 16 » reality show, and today she collaborates with many brands to the delight of her community

Instagram account: @sofia_suescun

Ramon alba

Ramon is a Fashion and Lifestyle influencer who regularly shares photos of his collaboration with ready-to-wear brands with his community of 161,000 followers. He also has an account on 21buttons, the clothing social network, on which he can buy the complete looks he wears.

Instagram account: @raemonalba

Maria pintado

Maria Pintado is passionate about architecture and studying, travel, music and fashion. She shares her daily life with her 53,000 followers and maintains a Lifestyle blog on which she shares all her tips and advice.

Instagram account: @mariapintadohdez

Abril Cols

Abril Cols shares his adventures with his community of 547,000 followers. She is passionate about fashion and photography. In fact, she has an online clothing store, and a second store where she sells her own photo settings.

Instagram Account: @ cols.abril3

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