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The influencers in Spain and the tendency to become booktubers

The influencers in Spain and the tendency to become booktubers

The headache of writers who begin in the fascinating profession of literary production has come to an end. The new form of influencers in Spain is to publicize the material you have read, make reviews and direct your recommendations to the audience you have captivated. 
We are talking about booktubers, youtubers whose mission is to achieve what many publishers do not achieve before being forced to close their doors: promoting authors unknown to reading lovers.

How are they and what do influencers in Spain are are booktubers?

Now that we have presented them, let’s look at the profile of the booktubers that are part of the influencers in Spain:
Young people: the age range between booktubers is between fifteen and thirty years. That is, they are people who represent the teenage public and very young. Therefore, they recommend fresh books, fresh out of print or uploaded to the e-book sales portals minutes ago.
They use ingenuity: they appeal to the assembly between intelligence and humor so that the message reaches their audiences, which will be yours when your book becomes recommended by this new wave of influencers in Spain.
They use colloquial language: a booktuber knows how to impact his audience and how to penetrate his will through colloquial language. The key lies in the closeness they achieve through their words and their body language, both designed to stand out from the multitude of youtubers who day by day strive to swell their subscriber portfolio.
They know their audience: according to the Reading and Book Observatory, the people who have the most reading habit are those who are between fifteen and twenty-five years old. This is something that influencers in Spain know very well. That is why they speak to them in the language they understand and recommend books that they know will devour and return to the channel in search of the next recommendation.

What is the result of having a booktuber for your book?

For you who were wondering how this new trend would influence the influencers in Spain, here we tell you everything you can achieve with the help of booktubers if nobody knows your work yet.

Dissemination: if you have tried to promote your valuable creation through editorials and it happened to you like JK Rowling, the brand-new author of Harry Potter, rejected by twelve of these temples of literature, deposit what so much effort and time has cost you to write, It’s like getting to an oasis in the desert.

Expert opinions: Isn’t it fantastic that someone who understands the subject speaks wonders of your book and recommends to those who idolize it that the time they spend reading it will be the best hours of leisure invested in their life?

Higher sales: of course when an expert says that a product is excellent, sales increase substantially.

Reputation: Last but not least, we must consider that booktubers will increase your reputation as an author. You will pass from anonymity to a fame whose reach might surprise you.


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