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How to find Instagram influencers

 The main objective of an influencer is to promote awareness of a brand’s products and services for a certain amount of remuneration. This is the perfect opportunity for a brand to reach out to a target audience in the same industry via Instagram. However, how do we go about finding an influencer suited to our needs on Instagram?

Find Instagram influencers

There are several methods of finding influential accounts on Instagram. However, first knowing the best tools for managing an Instagram account is essential. To find influencers on Instagram, you can either use the influencer search features or Facebook’s free collaboration tool.

Instagram influencer search functions

You can, thanks to a tool like Heepsy, have access to all the influencers in the world. Best of all, it allows you to be precise and concise in your research and therefore, to find the most suitable Instagram influencer for you. Heepsy offers you several search options such as:

· Keyword research: all you have to do is enter the appropriate keyword (s) and identify them with a hashtag before launching the search. In addition, in free mode, you are entitled to three keywords. The more specific your hashtag, the better your results.

· Searching by influencer categories: specifying the category allows you to be more concise in the search.

· Localized search: here you have the possibility to find influencers according to their country, their city, their district …

· Search by number of followers: suitable if you want to start a campaign quickly and test your media.

· Searching on several social networks: heepsy gives you the possibility of carrying out your research on several social networks (Instagram, Facebook, twitter…).

Facebook’s free collaboration tool

Brand collab manager is a newly designed collaboration tool from Facebook. It was born in December 2019 but already looks very promising. Indeed, it allows users to directly contact influencers within an influencer platform managed directly by Instagram. Another advantage is that you have direct access to official information without going through a third party or an influencer.



Contact Instagram influencers

Although open and eager to be known, reaching out to influencers is not an easy task. Because, they are mainly solicited and seek products in direct relation with their image and their target. It is therefore important that your products are very attractive and attractive. Also, the best way to approach an influencer is to avoid being too direct or too classic. It is best to be creative and patient in requesting a partnership.


In short, social networks represent a major advertising asset through the posts of influencers. Influencers are a real gold mine for brands. But if it is difficult to find them, it seems even more complex to apprehend them because there is a lot to know and to put into practice to hope to benefit from a partnership.

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