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Influencer agency, French and English speaking Pinkhy Events

Pinkhy Events is a marketing agency that offers marketing solutions focused on the mobilization of social network influencers. The agency is based in the United States, and covers Europe from its office in Spain.

The company has many influencers on social networks, both in the French-speaking world and in the English-speaking world. Before we introduce a few models, let’s try to understand what the influential marketing agency Pinkhy Events does.

Influence Marketing


Pinkhy Events offers its services to operators who wish to establish themselves in the Spanish market, and for those who wish to establish themselves in the international market. For this purpose, it sets in motion a technique which is completely revolutionary. Pinkhy Events knows the usual channels of classic marketing and digital market. She decided to develop her action in a specific area of digital marketing.

Pinkhy Events then matured its knowledge in internet marketing, and thereby acquired a good command of the Spanish and global cyberspace. Pinkhy Events has discovered that classic digital marketing can be accompanied by even more impactful communication. This is how he developed a new original marketing offer, but also relevant and very effective.

This method basically consists of exploiting the popularity of big internet users, also called influencers. This category of Internet user is made up of individuals with one or more accounts in the various social networks that exist, and who are distinguished by the particularly high number of people subscribed to these accounts. Pinkhy Events has built up over the years a solid database of thousands of influencers around the world. All of these influencers add up to a figure that exceeds 100 million subscribers in both the French and English-speaking world.

Besides these influencers, Pinkhy Events also works with micro-influencers. They count a few thousand subscribers, but stand out above all by the quality of their relationships with them. Indeed, micro-influencers are closer to their subscribers, and therefore have a real, deeper impact on those who follow them.

Why Influencer Marketing?


The business world has undergone many transformations over the years. Indeed, since the advent of the Internet, the market has experienced a transfer of customers into the virtual space which has not yet completed its process.

The Internet boom in the 2010s has seriously changed the ways of promoting a product / service. Social networks have become established as real sources of prospects and customers to be convinced. This then boosted the transfer of businesses to the Internet. Most marketers have also taken to the Internet to sell, leading to the emergence of digital marketing.

Pinkhy Event has observed the emergence of influencers on social networks, that is to say high profile profiles massively followed by many others and has seen an incredible opportunity for visibility for companies and brands.
This is how the company has entered into partnerships with all the web influencers and fashion launcher, as well as emerging influencers to always surf the trends in real time.

The Influencers of Pinkhy Events


All the influencers of Pinkhy Events are present in social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat or Facebook. Pinkhy Events proceeds concretely by placing the products and services of their customers.

An influencer is no different from an opinion leader. With Pinkhy Events as a partner, you have the opportunity to promote your brand and promote it through influencers in Spain, Europe, the USA and around the world.

Influencers selected as part of a strategy implementation will be able to perform specific tasks. The first of its tasks is to create content for your brand. This can be an image, a video, a story or a post containing an element related to your brand. This content creation takes place with the client accompanied by the Pinkhy Event team of experts to ensure the quality of what will be produced.

If a long-term advertising campaign is envisaged, Pinkhy Event may propose an ambassador for your brand. He will be the real-time salesperson for your brand in social networks, but also in events.

Tailor-made service and Influencers


Pinkhy Events does not just offer influencers. The agency follows you throughout the process starting from the detection of the need, to the assessment. Thus, Pinkhy Events can validly analyze your advertising need, and you offer a powerful solution or strategy on the Internet, and on social networks. Depending on the brand and the objectives, we can go through a multi-platform or sectorial campaign, imagined or not. The possibilities offered by the Internet and social networks are immense with creativity.

Pinkhy Events therefore works with its customers via a tailor-made service. Pinkhy believes that each brand or company is unique. She also believes that, as a result, each company has its own values, its own audience, its own products / services, as well as its own objectives. This is why the agency offers a personal service in order to respond exactly to the needs of the client opposite.

Above all, however, your brand identity needs to be carefully researched. Your need must also be studied in the same way as the strategy that will be put in place to achieve your goals. It is from the identity of your brand and your objective that Pinkhy Events will mobilize its influencers. Your brand must have a meaning with the public, this is why the solutions of Pinkhy Events are concerned with preserving, strengthening or even changing the brand image of the client, in accordance with the specifications. This is how, depending on your brand, the agency offers you coherent Influencers, whether among Anglophones in Boston, or among Francophones in Paris.

The company thus ensures the viability of the strategy adopted, as well as the implementation of the latter and the balance sheet.s social networks, but also in events.

Some French and English Influencers


Pinkhy Events has a wide range of English and French speaking influencers. At the Anglophone level, we can cite:

– Professional football player Acharf Hakimi, who has more than 2 million subscribers on Youtube and Instagram, with more than 300,000 photos and videos seen

– Fitness model Kim Angel, who already has more than 184,000 followers on Instagram.

– His wife Maria « La pauletta » who already registers more than 230,000 followers on Instagram.

On the French side, the offer is just as interesting. We can cite :

– Beauty model Ana Jasmina, who currently has more than 40,000 followers on Instagram, with more than 1,000 likes in these photos

– The model Marta Carriedo who has more than 550,000 followers on Instagram, more than 77,000 subscribers on Youtube.

As you can see, you can’t improvise an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram! Everything is a matter of method. So, to optimize the impact of your next campaign thanks to leading influencers, contact us!