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Coronavirus business impact


The health crisis caused by covid 19 has been accompanied by a slowdown in economic activities. Nevertheless, some sectors are more resilient than others. They therefore manage to withstand the economic shocks associated with the sudden occurrence of this pandemic.

Indeed, the most successful lines of business succeed in taking advantage of the few opportunities that are still emerging at this special time. Concretely, confinement and all the other measures taken to defeat the coronavirus, have made certain sectors particularly dynamic. This article attempts to identify for you, those who are the most effective in this situation of generalized quarantine.

The medical research sector

To effectively fight the Covid 19 virus, which is spreading at high speed and causing a significant number of victims, it is imperative to find an adequate drug or a vaccine. Thus, the research laboratories are in intense activity so that the problem is solved as quickly as possible.


The sector therefore benefits from significant subsidies allocated by the States. In addition, the staff of these structures is particularly supported in this period of health crisis.

The protective medical equipment sector

Barrier measures require you to protect yourself and others by wearing a protective mask. Patients should put on a surgical mask, which will prevent their nose and mouth fluids from infecting healthy people around them.

Healthy people are encouraged to wear FFP2 type respiratory masks. These masks have air filters that prevent the virus from passing through and entering the nasal passages or mouth.

The e-commerce sector

Containment, by limiting the movement of consumers, encourages them to buy more and more online. As a result, Amazon France had to recruit thousands of temporary workers to be able to fill all the orders. Workers making deliveries must have special permission to move.

The online entertainment industry

This is arguably one of the business sectors that has benefited the most from this period of confinement. In fact, since sports meetings are prohibited and music concerts postponed, the only option for entertainment from home is to go to online platforms.

The entertainment offer is diverse and varied. Bettors can play on virtual casinos. Fans of movies or TV series will go to streaming platforms. Social networks also offer some entertainment, in particular through the posting of amateur videos.

However, concerning social networks, it is to be deplored the very high rate of fake news circulating there in connection with the Covid 19 pandemic.

The telework sector

Teleworking, that is, carrying out professional tasks remotely via digital tools, has grown considerably in recent weeks. Indeed, it constitutes an effective way for companies to continue to produce despite the confinement of their employees. As a result, the promoters of collaborative work platforms are currently realizing significant turnover.


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