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PinkhyEvents is here to connect brands and influencers. Lifestyle, sport, beauty, fashion, travel, cooking… Our opinion-leaders excel in all areas and our team can advise you on, or help you to develop, your influencer marketing strategy.

As a leading influencer agency in the US, we have only one goal: to help you accomplish yours!


Looking for an influencer agency in the US ?

PinkhyEvents is here to help improve your e-reputation as well as your brand awareness.

Both social networks and traditional media outlets have, over the years, acquired an incredible potential in regards to marketing strategy. Influencers, or more specifically Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers, Facebookers and Snapchatters, are web stars whose likes and dislikes are shared by their huge community of followers. An influencer has the power to launch a new trend and, best of all, can create one just for you.

No matter what field you’re in, influencers can build your brand’s awareness. Thanks to our extensive network in Spain and our expertise as a leading influencer agency, your next marketing campaign is bound to be a success. We also work with influencers of other nationalities, so we would be happy to advise you on your projects abroad.

Opinion leaders adapted to your needs

PinkhyEvents doesn’t just specialise in influencer brand matchmaking. We work hand in hand with you to find the right person and place them at the heart of your advertising campaign. An influencer is an opinion leader on social media, someone who will represent your brand and its quality. As such, they must agree with your vision. He or she will raise your banner and help you to enrich your brand identity.

The community that is being targeted must be carefully researched to ensure that your influencer marketing campaign reaches its full potential and retains the maximum number of customers. Every thought leader has their own followers, sector and character, so it is important that their image reflects that of your brand. PinkhyEvents has a large influencer network in Spain at its disposal, so you really are spoilt for choice.

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At PinkhyEvents, we understand that your project is unique and requires personalised support. Each brand has its own objectives, its own audience and its own personality, so it is up to us to find a tailor-made solution for your influencer marketing campaign. We are committed and passionate, with many years of experience in the industry. However, we’ll always listen to your needs to ensure influencer brand matchmaking is a success for everyone involved. Do you want to conquer the internet? Contact us!

Pinkhy Events has a global network of thousands of influencers.

We will recommend how, and with whom, to collaborate for the best possible match with your brand. We study the identity of your company and we put you in touch with the appropriate influencers. Then we make every effort to ensure your storytelling is as authentic and impactful as possible. Our network is open, which means that influencers are free to work with whoever they want.

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Choose PinkhyEvents for your influencer marketing strategy

A tailor-made and high impact service agency, PinkhyEvents develops, manages and designs your marketing campaigns for the very best results in regards to influence and product placement. From the editorial and creative strategy to the execution, our digital influencer marketing agency brings together thousands of influencers from across Europe and the United States.


Customers reviews

I just wanted to share how much I like dealing with Pinkhyevents. You have great people working to make collaborations as simple as possible. I worked a lot with Hynnd, she is brilliant.
avis client
Donald P.
Dimitry, You are an amazing service professional — and I’d be happy to tell anyone that asks! Thanks so much for this info and all of your efforts. Keep up the GREAT work!!!
Kate M.
Brand Manager
Thank you for your excellent customer service - your staff was a great asset to me. We were very satisfied with the return on investment of our advertising campaign.
Annis T.
Influencer Coordinator

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